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> Grand Prix 4, Grand Prix 4
***NEON***   (i)
  Дата 3.02.2005 - 13:10
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Safer starts
If you are on a difficulty level where jump-starts are activated, to lessen the
risk of jumping the start and receiving a penalty:

1. When your car is waiting on the grid, set the car to neutral.
2. Press [F2] to switch off auto-gears (if you are using them. If not, this tip
is not of any use to you)
3. When all five lights are on, rev the accelerator (the car will not move)
4. When all the lights go off to start, press [F2] again to switch on
auto-gears, and your car will auto-change to 1st and you will be on your way!
Through personal experience the start seems faster this way too.

Faster 3-wheeled driving
When your car is damaged in an accident and a wheel comes off the car, (works
better when it is a front wheel) switch off the traction control when limping
back to the pits. Although the car will be harder to control you will reach the
pits much faster and shave a vital half a minute off your lost time due to the

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