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> Black & White 2, Black & White 2
***NEON***   (i)
  Дата 19.11.2005 - 11:45
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Control the Lionhead logo:
In the original Black And White you were able to control the opening logo for
Lionhead. Lionhead Studios has brought this back. When you begin the game, you
can fool around with their physics engine and left click on the box that fills
up with beads; and pull it away or up or down; or do whatever else desired. When
you are ready to continue with the game, release the box and wait for the screen
to change.

Replenishing platoons:
It is possible to replenish your platoons with female villagers (if the villager
at the top of the hand multi-pickup group is male and you hold down with the
action button), while only male villagers will form platoons. This effectively
increases your military population. They will appear just like normal villagers
while in the platoon, but will have the relevant equipment to the platoon. Note:
This has only been tested with Greek melee infantry.

Infinite evil points
Take over a town and remove all food and people. You should get evil points
every few minutes now since you are not feeding the town, even though nobody is
living in it.

Norseman tossing mini-game
On the fourth land, near the town you began, there is a path that goes down.
Follow the path to find a man in a cave. Pick him up and throw him as far as
possible to get tribute. The further you throw him, the more tribure you will
get. Set new records to get more tribute. Note: This is not a quest and does not
show up anywhere.

Sandbox mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock Sandbox mode.

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